Success Corner #54

Grow your money

Wealth comes from money not spent. 

Let us say my Dad saved $100 (cost $2,500) instead of spending it for every year over 25 years and every 5 years purchased the following stocks:

  • 1970 Walmart worth $4,150,000
  • 1977 Coca Cola worst $500,000
  • 1980 Apple worth $136,000
  • 1986 Microsoft worth $485,000
  • 1990 Disney worth $150,000

I think my father would be very happy being worth $5,000,000 today from just saving $100 a year!

What if you were even just 10% as successful?

Would $2,500 over 25 years being worth $500,000 when you retire be worth it?

Don’t discount little savings. It can turn into big savings.

Success Corner #59

While many of you will see extra money in your pocket starting February, what type of person are you going to be? Are you going to invest it, pay off debt or just spend it. I suggest you look at your check now and look at your check in Feb. Take the difference and save it and invest it. You didn’t have it now and survived.