Success Corner #54

Grow your money

Wealth comes from money not spent. 

Let us say my Dad saved $100 (cost $2,500) instead of spending it for every year over 25 years and every 5 years purchased the following stocks:

  • 1970 Walmart worth $4,150,000
  • 1977 Coca Cola worst $500,000
  • 1980 Apple worth $136,000
  • 1986 Microsoft worth $485,000
  • 1990 Disney worth $150,000

I think my father would be very happy being worth $5,000,000 today from just saving $100 a year!

What if you were even just 10% as successful?

Would $2,500 over 25 years being worth $500,000 when you retire be worth it?

Don’t discount little savings. It can turn into big savings.

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